La noche de las Velitas

With the celebration in honor of the Virgin Mary, Colombians start the Christmas celebrations. On this day, Colombians traditionally decorate their houses with their family while eating and drinking more than is good for you. They play dancing music and make foods like “buñuelos” or fritters, “empanadas” which are fried dough stuffed with potatoes and meat or grilled meats. The drink of preference is the famous “Aguardiente,” an anise drink that is pretty powerful.

“La noche de las Velitas” is celebrated all over Colombia on December 7, people put candles and lanterns on the streets, their windows, doorways, sidewalks and any other free space.

We remember this day with nostalgia and today we are trying to keep this tradition alive in our family.

If by any chance you have an opportunity to travel to Colombia and be there for “La noche de las velitas’ you will not regret it. It is a multicolor spectacle created and lit by candles.