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Rolleicord IIc Model 4 – Model K3 – 542

Rolleicord IIc Model 4 – Model K3 – 542
The Rolleicord was a popular medium-format twin lens reflex camera made by Franke & Heidecke (Rollei) between 1933 and 1976.
The models that has the letters DRP on the left and to the right DRGM on the front of the camera means that they were made before World War II, because DRP means ‘Deutsches Reichs Patent’ (German Reich Patent) and DRGM means ‘Deutsches Reichs Gebrauchs Muster’ (basically a copyright for the name). In post WW2 models you will find DBP and DBGM. They switched from “Reichs” to “Bundes” (German Federal Patent).

This model of caméra was built between February 1939 – October 1949. Due this camera has the letters DRP and DRGM this camera was built after World War II.
Taking Lens:
Zeiss Triotar 3,5/75mm, bayonet I.
Finder lens: Anastigmat 3,2/75mm, bayonet I.
Non interchangeable focusing screen. F&H emblem in hood.
Compur C00, 1 – 1/300 sec., T&B.
Film: 6×6 (120), 35mm adapter Rolleikin I, sheet film adapter.
878 grams

 Zenit 12xp

The Zenit 12xp is a Russian-made (formerly Soviet) camera of the 80’s; it’s classic manual focus film SLR camera body. The Zenit 12XP was my first SLR camera where I learned photography.

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Here are the technical specifications:

Brand: Zenit
Model: 12xp
Format: 35mm
Manufacturing: U.R.S.S
ISO: 16 to 500
Speed: 1 / 30, 1 / 60, 1 / 125, 1 / 250, 1 / 500 and Bulb mode
Objective Series: Helios 58mm f2
Weight: 0.95 Kg (Heavy)